Official selection of Peterhof Film Festival 2019

Peterhof Film Festival 2019 received 1012 films from 64 countries.

The program of Peterhof Film Festival 2019 includes 48 films from 18 countries: Russia, USA, France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Syria, Estonia, Romania, Turkey, Egypt, Mexico, Iran, Croatia, Spain, Australia and Cyprus with Greece.

Feature Film Competition
Influencia (Mexico, 2017, East-European premiere)
Puya – In the Circle of Time (Germany, 2017, Russian premiere)
Hawaii (Romania, 2018, East European Premiere)
Void (Russia, 2018, St. Petersburg Premiere)
Interesting life (Russia, 2018)

Medium-length Fiction Film Competition
New Year (Russia, 2019, St. Petersburg Premiere)
Fisheye (Syria, 2018, World premiere)
Heaven is not for everyone (Russia, 2018, St. Petersburg Premiere)
Play (Greece / Cyprus, 2017, Russian premiere)
Any Wednesday (USA, 2018, East European Premiere)
Joseph (France, 2019, International Premiere)

Short Fiction Film Competition
Guillotine (Russia, 2018, St. Petersburg Premiere – Out of Competition)
Three August Days (Estonia, 2018, Russian premiere)
Because of a little apple (Russia, 2017)
Moth (Russia, 2019, St. Petersburg Premiere)
Session N ° 78 (France, 2018, Russian Premiere)
Acide (France, 2018, East European Premiere)
Dispersion (Belgium / Switzerland, 2018, Russian Premiere)
Bribe (Russia, 2018)
The visit (Germany, 2018, East European premiere)
Easy Street (France, 2019, World premiere)
Super prize (Russia, 2017)
Fear (Russia, 2018, St. Petersburg Premiere)
A Leaf (Egypt, 2018, East European Premiere)

Animation for Adults Competition
Concert of Fire (Russia, 2018)
The Fall (France, 2018)
Nevermind (Turkey, 2018, East European Premiere)
Count Your Curses (Belgium, 2017, Russian premiere)
My Body (France, 2018, St. Petersburg Premiere)
Bystander (Iran, 2017)
Journey (Australia, 2017)
Hallux (Germany, 2016)
“Kolya and the Old Ladies” (Russia, 2017, St. Petersburg Premiere)
Button (Russia, 2016, St. Petersburg Premiere)
No Gravity (France, 2018)

Animation for Kids Competition
The most terrifying friend (Russia, 2017, St. Petersburg premiere)
Dubak (Russia, 2017, St. Petersburg premiere)
Ballad of pipe and necklace (Croatia, 2018, Russian premiere)
VSSanta (Spain, 2017, Russian premiere)
Miracle of Misha (Russia, 2019, World premiere)
Kokosha (Russia, 2017, St. Petersburg premiere)
Snegozavr (Russia, 2018, St. Petersburg premiere)
Hobotenok (Russia, 2017, St. Petersburg premiere)
Swimming lesson (Russia, 2017, St. Petersburg premiere)
Ogonyok (Russia, 2017, St. Petersburg Premiere)
Vivat Musketeers (Russia, 2017)
Lazy Vasilisa (Russia, 2018, St. Petersburg premiere)
Two trams (Russia, 2016)